Why do you need to move your company to the cloud?

Move to the cloud but don't do it only for the technology

Somewhere in the world, a group of young entrepreneurs is working on a project that will revolutionize your industry. They don’t have a fancy office, a huge budget, or a well-known brand. They have something more powerful: cloud computing. With cloud computing, they can access unlimited resources, experiment with new ideas, and launch their products faster and cheaper than you can. How do you compete with that? The answer is simple: you don’t. You join them.

Cloud computing is not just a technology, it’s a mindset. And it’s the only way to stay relevant and successful in the modern business world.

Two people working together in a laptor inside a garage

Is this startup in a garage going to disturb your business?

Free knowledge has opened the doors for anyone to learn anything, no matter where they live or what they studied. Hardware and software are no longer expensive or exclusive, they are cheap and accessible. This has led to a surge of new startups that emerge every day.

With cloud computing, you can create, test, and launch new products quickly and affordably. You can also experiment and improve your products gradually and accommodate new requirements in an agile way.

Cloud computing makes errors less risky and more productive for a company. Instead of being costly and catastrophic, errors are now part of the innovation and improvement cycle. Errors can be easily and quickly corrected in the cloud.

Your users don’t care about how many engineers or servers you have, they care about how your products make their lives easier and better. They expect the same level of quality and convenience that they get from the free apps on their phones. Can you meet their expectations? If not, someone else will, and your products will become outdated and irrelevant.

Why migrate to the cloud?

A successful on-premises to cloud migration for an established company has the potential to impact every single aspect of the business and its employees. It transcends a simple change of server and data location.

See cloud migration as a chance to transform your company and align it with your vision. Use this opportunity to rethink and redesign your products, processes, roles, and culture across the board. Start fresh and build systems that support your goals and values and make the most of your company expertise and market position.

Take this opportunity to transform your company to have:

  • A clear and compelling vision that guides the company’s direction and inspires its employees and customers.
  • A unique value proposition that differentiates the company from its competitors and solves a problem or fulfills a need for its target market.
  • A strong and loyal customer base that trusts the company’s products or services and provides feedback and referrals.
  • A culture of innovation and learning that encourages creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement.
  • A team of talented and motivated people who share the company’s values and goals and collaborate effectively.
  • A flexible and agile organization that can adapt to changing customer needs, market conditions, and technological opportunities.
  • A sound financial performance that generates revenue, profit, and cash flow and allows the company to invest in its growth and sustainability.
  • A social and environmental responsibility that demonstrates the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on its stakeholders and the world.

Picture of Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz

Computer science engineer with over 20 years of experience building and managing IT companies, developing cloud infrastructure, and leading cross-functional teams. 

His technical expertise includes software development, cloud automation, software modernization, and on-premises to cloud migration. Skilled in establishing and managing software companies, developing successful SaaS business models, and aligning business and technology strategies.

After building his previous company for 18 years, it was sold to a NASDAQ publicly traded company. Read more...


Are you looking to move to Cloud or SaaS but don't know where to start?

We can help! Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from planning and design to implementation and support. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Cloud migration: Migrate your workloads to the cloud, whether it's a few servers or an entire data center.
  • On-premises to SaaS: ISV transition from on-premises, consulting, and custom software development to SaaS model.
  • Developer productivity: Improve your developers' productivity with the tools and resources they need to be successful.
  • Comprehensive advisory: Comprehensive advice on all aspects of cloud computing, from security to compliance.
  • Coaching and training: Coaching and training to help you get the most out of your cloud environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transition to the cloud.

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